Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we are most commonly asked.  If you have further queries, please contact us for more details.

Do you only supply one brand?

No. We are independent and able to choose  from a number of manufacturers depending on specific needs of a business.

What are managed print services?

This is a term for a service offered by an external provider to optimise and manage a company’s document output to certain objectives, such as reducing operating costs, improving efficiency and productivity, and also keeping information secure. In a Managed Print Service, the service provider takes primary responsibility for meeting the customer’s office printing needs; this includes the printing equipment, the supplies, the service and overall management of the printer fleet.

What finance options can you offer me?

We offer outright purchase options, short and long term leasing or rental, and managed print solution options.

What is the best way to calculate the cost of printing from my desktop printers?

Firstly you need to know the number of pages that have been printed on each printer . Then how much has been spent on toners, drums and all other consumables, plus the original cost of the printer itself. Don’t forget you will also need to factor in the cost of service repairs. Once you know the overall cost to date you can divide this figure by the number of pages printed to give you a cost per page figure. This calculation is the foundation of the Total Cost Of Ownership Model.

Why should I think about reviewing my printers?

If you have not reviewed your print/document output costs in the last 12 to 18 months then its very likely that a review will be beneficial. Technology changes very quickly as does a businesses needs, and it is these changes that create opportunities for companies to find new efficiencies.