Case Study

Allendale Group

The Allendale Group are an online retailer operating thirteen stores in a variety of specialist markets worldwide.

They were using a number of different all-in-one desktop devices which were slow and expensive to run, for printing invoices and other general office documents.

The company needed a central document solution capable of printing in black and white to produce invoices, delivery notes, address labels, and high quality colour printing to produce product manuals and catalogues in the form of A4 and A5 booklets, which were being outsourced.

The ability to scan documents such as delivery notes and invoices from suppliers was also identified as an important part of their needs to ensure efficient document processing and staff productivity. Supplier paperwork needed to be digitised and stored in a way that allowed staff to access them from the network whether in the office, warehouse, product test area or remotely via secure VPN connection.

Copyvision proposed a colour multifunctional device that accommodated various paper sizes and paper types. Our solution would also have a document feeder that would scan to their servers or directly to email, making the distribution of documents faster and simpler.

More recently Allendale Group wanted to know if it was possible to configure their document equipment in a way that restricted printing to between 9.00am and 5.00pm weekdays and stopped any printing at weekends.

Recent changes to their automated ordering system meant orders placed via one of their online stores would automatically generate invoices and address labels. These are now held on their network and released every thirty minutes as a single larger print batch and therefore needed a way to control printing to within normal working hours.

Configuration changes were made to achieve this with the further option that if staff needed to override new print restrictions they could use a secure pin code at the device and any queued print jobs would be released from the document device hard drive.

The introduction of a workgroup document solution has resulted in more cost efficient printing for the company and a simpler way to manage paperwork and staff productivity. For more information about The Allendale Group in house document solution click here.